Delicious, healthy and cholesterol-lowering
Quality from the beginning
Our daily bread gives us more than energy
Barley pearls simply taste delicious
Barley pearls delicious and lower in calories than rice
Long freshness absolutely natural

betaBARLEY, what´s this?

betaBARLEY is the first food barley with a high fibre content and the active substance beta-glucan. Dieckmann Seeds, a breeding company with great tradition developed this variety by natural selection methods especially for the delightful and cholesterol-conscious nutrition. Daily consumption of betaBARLEY promotes health in a very natural way. Because nature provides us with everything for a balanced diet.

The betaBARLEY whole grains products and all foods containing betaBARLEY in sufficient quantities, have a health benefit and thus become „natural functional food“. In addition to its high fibre content with the active ingredient beta-glucan betaBARLEY is a natural source of proteins and is naturally rich in essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements. This new food barley thus easily meets modern requirements of a balanced diet.

""Healthy food should also be tasty. In particular this applies to fibre. With betaBARLEY, all those who prefer light coloured and soft food can manage a conscious diet. This way we combine health and enjoyment", describes the diploma nutritionist and Managing Director of Dieckmann Cereals GmbH, Karin Dieckmann their product.


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